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First, there is hope for you! The Reno headache relief dentist Dr. Shane Sykes has the training and technology to help put a permanent end to your migraines and headaches. While you’re here, feel free to look around at the rest of our site and learn more about the TMJ / TMD treatments we offer to the great people of Reno.

You don’t need to suffer anymore! Dr. Shane Sykes and the great team at The Reno Dentist have invested the time, energy and resources into offering the best TMJ / migraine / headache relief treatments available. We not only help eliminate the pain, but address the root causes of discomfort caused by:

Reno headache relief dentist Dr. Shane Sykes can help the headaches and TMJ pain go away.

  • Clicking/popping of the jaw joints
  • Headaches (chronic or irregular)
  • Migraines
  • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction, also known as TMD
  • Muscle tension and pain in the face and neck
  • Accelerated bone loss in periodontal disease
  • Limited range of head/neck motion
  • Broken teeth or dental work
  • Ear pain not from infection
  • Sensitive teeth due to overloaded forces
  • Clenching and grinding (bruxism)
  • Reduced mouth opening range
  • Uneven tooth wear and cracking
  • Tinnitus (ringing of the ears)
  • Vertigo

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You really can live a life free of pain and discomfort caused by TMJ issues that result in headaches, migraines and neck pain. Reno headache relief dentist Dr. Shane Sykes and The Reno Dentist team can help you move on with a happier, pain-free life and enjoy the things you wish you could before… headache free!

Please read testimonials from some of our patients and watch the brief video below to hear from a real patient who received treatment and headache relief for their TMJ-caused pain.

If you or a loved one are suffering from headaches, migraines or TMJ related issues, call headache relief dentist Dr. Shane Sykes today and schedule a visit. You won’t regret it!

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  • I have been seeing Dr. Sykes and Cheyanne (TMJ Therapist) once a week for the last 10 weeks for a program to help with my TMJ. This is the first place that has had any results in over 3 years of suffering with TMJ. Every office visit is like seeing old friends. Every one there is super friendly, accurate with the information they share, clean and efficient. Cheyanne is helping me with my TMJ therapy and there is no one better or more caring. She checks up on me during the week and has truly healing hands and a caring heart and smile. Dr. Sykes has worked on my teeth and they have the latest equipment and I am very confident in their work. I drive from Carson to Reno to have therapy once a week and I would do it if it were even twice the distance. I am very pleased and happy with this dental office and TMJ Therapy and would recommend them to anyone. I can only say, thank goodness they were there for me.
    —Susan S.
  • I am a new patient at the Reno Dentist office. I have severe daily headaches, and have started treatment for a TMJ related condition. My therapist is Cheyanne. Though I have only had the first two treatments, I can say that Cheyanne is a highly skilled and very motivated therapist. This office utilizes cutting edge equipment to identify problem areas of the jaw and teeth-and the results are within minutes of the testing. The office staff is extremely customer oriented and the atmosphere of the entire offce and exam rooms are clean, professional and friendly! This dentist’s office offers all the usual services and more!
    —Cheryl O.
  • Dr. Shane Sykes and the staff at The Reno Dentist, working in the field of dentistry, are phenomenal in their work. A year ago Dr. Sykes began work on relieving jaw pain I had lived with for 40 years. The treatment sessions by Cheyenne taught me how to maintain stress and relax the jaw. After completion of the sessions I was ready to begin wearing Invisilines to straighten my teeth. I am two months short of completing my session, but am already smiling because my teeth are straight and beautiful. The incredibly friendly staff will greet you as you enter his office and help you with regular dentist checkups. When you are ready to improve the health and appearance of your teeth, the staff and Dr. Sykes will patiently explain the procedure and cost without any pressure. I recommend The Reno Dentist with complete confidence.
    —Elleanor McCoy
  • I went to The Reno Dentist because I was having chronic jaw pain. They recommended that I do therapy in the office with Cheyanne. The appointments were outstanding as Cheyanne took extra measures to assure that I received the best care possible. She was very attentive to the specific needs expressed, and I felt as though she really listened to what I had to say! She made me feel like the care was very specialized and crafted just for me! This new technology is impressive, to say the least, but the entire package is top notch! Will definitely go again as needed!
    —Traci G.
  • I chose to utilize their TMJ services and all I can say is: Excellent! No more headaches, no more jaw pain, no more shoulder pain etc. Very professional office staff, always willing to go the extra mile to help out a patient. I’d like to call out one individual in particular: Cheyanne Frank is the TMJ specialist and she does a fantastic job! Very relaxing atmosphere, she is a true professional.

    I would’ve given them 5 stars but my only grievance is the cost. It’s quite an expensive procedure, but that’s up to the individual to determine. Is it worth the money to ease your particular problems? For me the answer was yes and I’m glad I proceeded with the treatment plan. I’m now pain and headache free!

    Thank you Reno Dentist!
    —Ed P.

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